From beginners to world class pros, we work with individuals & Teams to help them achieve thier goals. Not only is our coaching staff knowledgeable, but we are active racers, and involved in the cycling community every single day.

Solutions For Cycling

Cycle-Smart seeks to promote cycling as a whole - not just as a passive activity, but as a metaphor for life that teaches skills for survival, fulfillment, and happiness.

- Adam Myerson | President & Coach -


Stephen Hyde / 2017 US Cyclocross National Champion

My whole life has been spent on a bike. It was Cycle-Smart, however, that helped me channel that all into a racing career. I learned to focus my energy and translate all the years of riding into real form. The coaches that surround me have helped me turn my riding into racing as well as forming my life around being a professional. I know that I owe a lot to them for the direction and confidence I’ve gained. No one can be successful on their own, I trust CS and you should too.