Alec first entered into the endurance training world through high school cross-country running. As an undergrad at Bates College he majored in Biology, interned in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine, and continued his athletic career with with cross-country and middle-distance track. Halfway through college cycling took over as his primary sport, and has continued since then.

Al has raced road and cyclo-cross since the mid-1990's at the collegiate, amateur, and eventually professional level. He understands personally what it's like to balance work or school with racing, as well as how to train and compete as a pro. In addition to spending a year on the road for Nerac Pro Cycling, he also won the Expert National Mountain Bike Championships at Mount Snow in 2008, and the UCI Class 2 Capital 'Cross in Reston, VA, in 2007, demonstrating his talent, versatility, and knowledge in multiple disciplines. He's also a connoiseur of chocoloate, and an expert on roasting coffee and brewing espresso.

Al is also the "A" in JAM Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization cultivating the next generation of cyclocross racers and ambassadors for the sport of cycling, which he runs with Jeremy Powers and Mukunda Feldman.

Al lives in Easthampton, Massachusetts, and is accepting limited new and returning clients at all levels.