Michael has ridden bikes for as long as he can remember. Growing up he saved up and bought his first real bike (well, half of it) when he was 11. A couple years and a lot of lawn mowing later he bought another. And then another. He printed out sheets from the Park Tools website and learned how to fix them. At 16 he started working in a bike shop. At 17 he entered and won his first race. He's loved racing bicycles ever since.

Fast-forward a few years and a Bachelors degree in Politics later and Michael has worked his way through the road and cyclocross ranks. On the tarmac he’s raced across the continent as a Cat 1 as a part of the Trek Red Truck Team. However, Cyclocross is Michael’s true passion. In ‘cross he's represented Canada twice at the World Championships (Louisville in 2013 and Hoogerheide in 2014), spent a season living in Belgium, won an under-23 National Championship (2013), earned a podium at the Elite National Championships (2014), and is currently the 2nd ranked rider in Canada.

Michael owes much of his cycling success to five seasons he has spent as a client of Cycle-Smart. He has been a client since 2011 and in 2013 moved to Boston for the cyclocross season to live with, train with, and learn from Adam Myerson. After spending these years learning from multiple Cycle-Smart coaches, Michael is passionate about sharing what he has learned to help athletes reach their cycling goals.

Michael lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is currently accepting new clients of all levels and abilities. 

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