Fit To Win

Because Cycle-Smart coaches are located around the country and work from individual spaces, bike fitting can happen in many different ways; sometimes with your individual coach, sometimes with the coach who lives closest to you, and in whatever space works best based on the circumstances.

Cycle-Smart's approach to fitting does not rely on any one particular fitting system. While many of the current standardized approaches are useful, particularly for new fitters who need a methodology or process to follow, Cycle-Smart coaches rely on their eyes, decades of experience, a level, plumb bob, and measuring tape. We focus on four major factors: saddle height, saddle setback, handlebar reach, and handlebar drop. Other fine tuning such as bar tilt, hood heigh, saddle tilt, and cleat position are part of that process.

Our general philosophy on fitting is outlined in this article.

Pricing for fits begins at $250, and is an additional $100 per bicycle in the same session, for bicycles of a similar type. (For example, if you come in for a cyclocross fit and want to make your road bike match, that's $100 additional. A time trial fit would be separate.) Follow-up on the same fit at a later date is an additional $100 per session.

If the coach is traveling to the client, standard US government mileage rate charges would apply.

To initiate a fit, contact your coach directly if you are a current client, or to make a general inquiry.