Stephen Hyde | 2017 US Cyclocross National Champion

My whole life has been spent on a bike. It was Cycle-Smart, however, that helped me channel that all into a racing career. I learned to focus my energy and translate all the years of riding into real form. The coaches that surround me have helped me turn my riding into racing as well as forming my life around being a professional. I know that I owe a lot to them for the direction and confidence I’ve gained. No one can be successful on their own, I trust CS and you should too. 


Ellen Noble | 2016 US Cyclocross National Champion, 2nd UCI U23 World Championship

Cycle-Smart gave me my start in cyclocross 6 years ago at their Cross Camp and have been supporting me ever since. From an amateur racer who didn't understand cantilever brakes, to a professional World Cup racer, Cycle-Smart has been there for me for all my coaching, technique and racing needs. I'm so thankful for all of the love given to me by the cycle-smart family over the years, and look forward to a continued relationship with them as my love for the sport continues to grow


Kevin Monohan | 2x U.S. National Criterium Champion

Adam and I have been friends, teammates and competitors for as long as I can remember...and we have constantly debated the advantages and disadvantages of different training methodologies...this formed the ideas that Adam made use of when he founded Cycle-Smart...his training methodologies have been tried and tested by athletes who understand 'real world' applications...they are methods that have been proven by people like the Cycle-Smart coaches, and people who have put them to use in building successful racing careers.

Colm McMahon | Cycle-Smart Client

Working with Cycle-Smart, I have been able to maximize the gains obtained from the time I spend training. Paired with a great coach who acts as a mentor, friend and advisor, I can have the confidence to train hard but also rest when needed. All of this is worked around the rest of my life as a busy professional (not cyclist), husband and father. I have seen major gains in what I get from the sport in physical performance and also personal satisfaction. I can't recommend Cycle-Smart enough!