Personal Coaching

Cycle-Smart coaching program are built to meet the unique needs of every client. At each coaching level, clients receive a custom-designed training program that is tailored to fit the context of their lives, taking into account personal goals, time available, ability, work, family, and other responsibilities.

Team and Group Coaching

If you have a group of riders looking to train together toward a common goal, we can come up with custom solutions specific to your club or team.

Clinics and Seminars

In addition to remote coaching, all Cycle-Smart coaches are available to share their expertise with your group in the form classroom-style seminars, or on-the-bike clinics. Contact us for rates and ideas.

One-On-One Coaching

Some problems can't be solved over the phone. If you or your group are looking for one-on-one attention by the hour from a Cycle-Smart coach, we can work with you. Cornering, sprinting, even help operating your bicycle properly if you're new to the sport; we're here to help.

Cyclocross Specific Coaching

From discounted packages, to DVDs and training camps, Cycle-Smart is the premier coaching resource for cyclocross.