Erica obtained her B.A. of Exercise Science (English Minor) from Brevard College. Erica is an avid bike racer, competing at the highest level in the disciplines of mountain bike, road cycling, and cyclocross. She is currently just focused on racing cyclocross. She began racing road bikes at the age of 15 and has continually grown in the sport for the last decade. She holds 5 individual national titles in collegiate racing including: MTB Cross Country, Short Track, Downhill, Cyclocross, MTB omnium, as well as team relay in cyclocross and mountain bike. Her first year on a professional team, Erica raced for the US National team at the Pan American games and several European World Cups. The following year she moved to England and raced the early season elite mountain bike world cups.

Erica has a passion for improving the experience of cycling for anyone, not just competition athletes. Her skill as a professional road, cyclocross, and cross country mountain cyclist, combined with her advanced education makes her an incredible valuable asset to anyone looking to enhance their cycling prowess.  

Erica has attended the Endurance Coaching Summit and Training Peaks University. and is a USAC level 3 coach.