Can't Touch This

I just compiled the overview of the Team Mountain Khakis results for Speedweek for one of our sponsors:

Athens: 2nd Hekman, 9th Myerson
Roswell: 1st Soladay, 9th Hekman
Beaufort: 1st Soladay, 3rd Hekman, 9th Myerson
Walterboro: 8th Hekman
Spartanburg: 4th Hekman
Dilworth: 6th Hekman, 10th Soladay
Sandy Springs: 7th Soladay, 10th Hekman

1st Overall, Hekman
5th Overall, Soladay
15th Overall, Myerson

1st Overall Laps Lead: Soladay
3rd Overall Laps Lead: Hekman

1st Overall, Team GC, over Team Type 1 and Fly V Australia