Holy shit, March!

It's been a while since I've been able to blog, so I'm going to take the easy way out and just string together all the photos on my phone from the past month. It's been three months since I left home. Three. Long. Months. I still have a bunch of stories from the 'cross races in January I need to tell, and hopefully I'll get to it. But now that I'm finally back in Boston, it seemed like it was time to do a little review.

First, beer:


"Best Beer On The Planet"

This may or may not matter to you, but:

We can't even GET Russian River in Boston, and there are no plans to distribute it there. The only place I'm aware of that has it in the Northeast is Monk's in Philly. One more reason to love Philly, I guess.

I was lucky enough to have a bottle when I was in Bend for 'cross nats. I have also had Westvleteren 12. I'm going to try and get my hands on another Pliny and think on it.


Christmas In July

Janice and I just got to Burlington, Vermont, for 5 days of vacation. But sadly, we had to leave this behind in Portland:

They have five exceptional Christmas beers on tap, in the middle of the summer, and Christmas beers are my absolute favorite. Basically spicier Belgian strong ales. Here's the list:

Christmas in July!!!

La Rulles Cuvee Meilleurs Voeux

St. Bernardus Christmas

Scaldis Noel

De Struise Tejeeses

Gouden Carolus Noel

I had a single St. Bernardus on Sunday night when I finally made it home from the race, and was solidly inebriated. I've finally been sticking to the one beer/week plan enough that 12 oz at 10% was enough to send me home a little wobbly. I haven't had the La Rulles or the De Struise, but hopefully they'll still be there when we get home on Friday.

Of course, it will be hard not to sample the local delicacies while we're here in Portland. It's a working vacation for me, which means e-mails in the morning and training during the day, but hopefully I can make some time to have fun with Janice at night in Burlington. Weather-wise, it does actually feel like Christmas in July. We may spend some time in the hotel pool if our summer of rain continues.

Middlebury Gap tomorrow, maybe.



Week Off Beer Log

image2099888619.jpg120 Minute IPA on tap at Bukowski's in Cambridge. I have to blow this cash on something!


I Hate Bike Racing

So not only did I completely fuck up the finish at Marblehead last weekend and have to replay that in my head over and over again all week, today I flatted out of the winning break of 5 with a lap and half to go, just after Mark McCormack attacked the break to win solo.

I'm going to nap now, and then try to self-medicate at Bukowski's later. It's without a doubt the most overpriced beer bar in Boston, so hopefully I won't get into too much trouble. If I was a wall-puncher, now would be a good time.


Samiclaus Helles

Lots to write about, still not enough to time to get to it. Since I got to Portland, I've been catching up on work, I started training again this week, and trying to move in and get comfortable at Janice's place. Still haven't made it to my own place in Boston yet.

I will, however, leave you with this in the meantime:



Scaldis on tap and Curieux on cask. I might be drunk later tonight. These are 2 of my 5 or so favorite beers. I've really only had a handful of beer on cask, but Curieux is by far the best.