bike fit

The Secret Set Up, Part 1

Cycling has a somewhat accurate reputation of being an elitist sport. Not necessarily because all cyclists are snobs, but more because cycling has traditionally been a sport that was difficult to find out about and get started with. The people who did discover it found a secret world of Italian racing bikes and pink newspapers, or maybe decided to study French instead of Spanish in high school.


In Position To Win

In my last article, "Get Fit!" I outlined the four crucial parameters for bike fit: saddle height, saddle set back, handlebar reach, and handlebar drop. In this article I want to take that one step further and talk about how to use those same guidelines to dial in your time trial position, either on your road bike or on a dedicated time trial bike.


Get Fit!

The group of people I train with like to call me "Eddy Merckx." No, not because I'm a cannibal on the bike (I don't even eat meat), but because, like Merckx, I'm constantly changing my position by a millimeter here and a millimeter there. It's an obsession for me--clearly not a healthy one--but I'm always either in search of that magic spot, or trying to get rid of a pea under my mattress.